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 Tainted by Madness

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PostSubject: Tainted by Madness   Mon Apr 14, 2014 4:46 am

Yuuto shivered as he felt the tip of the blade resting on the back of his neck, gently poking his spine. A low giggle, dark and mad, revealed who held the knife.

"....shouten...." Yuuto murmured. He hated the madman. The fullbringer somehow always managed to slip through his detection when he was distracted. he shinigami was certain he had to have tiny pin prick scars on his neck from how many times Shouten had greeted him in this manner.

"Yuuto~" the man purred, removing the knife and allowing Yuuto to turn around. The shinigami frowned slightly, visible only in the way the corners of his mouth turned down ever so slightly. "aw~ don't give me that look~ I was just saying hi~!" Shouten giggled again, trying to look innocent.

Yuuto rubbed his neck, feeling a small cut. "You know that's in no way a proper greeting. People are starting to wonder what's up with the back of my neck." he murmured quietly. Shouten grinned and moved forward, pressing his face close to Yuuto's neck as he examined the scars. Shuddering, the shinigami pulled away from him.

"Please keep your distance. Your spirit energy makes me ill."

"Mmmm.....but...what if I wanted to infect you~? Ever wonder if I could? If my energy could slowly draw you down...into madness and despair~?" shouten murmured, staring at yuuto with wide, crazed eyes.

Shuddering at the possibility, Yuuto pulled further away. Shouten merely followed, grinning.

"Now tell me, my white-haired friend~! what brings you to this fine town~?"

Yuuto was silent for a long moment, hesitant to tell the fullbringer why he was there, but knowing that Shouten had one of the best knowledge of the town than anyone he'd met there yet. And given how he liked to cling to yuuto when the shinigami visited, perhaps he'd be willing to help.....

"I....." he quietly cleared his throat. "I am looking...for something...."

"oooh~! And I'll help you, yes? Yes." Shouten nodded, smirking. "What is it?"

Yuuto quietly sighed. Yes, Shouten would assign himself to help yuuto.
"I...I do not quite know. It's an artifact...something small.....hidden away for years....it's rumored to be powerful...cursed...."

"and why does the shinigami need it, hmm~?"

"I do not know. I was simply told to find it and bring it back."

"Suspicious~!" Shouten chimed.

"Y...yeah...." Yuuto murmured in agreement, glad that shouten bought that snippet. He decided against telling him the real reason. At least, until he either had the item, or shouten figured it out himself.
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Tainted by Madness
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