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 Quincy template

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Akasaki Kenshi
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PostSubject: Quincy template   Sat Sep 29, 2012 11:30 pm

Name: your name duh
Age: how old are you Be realistic
Gender: M/F
Physical Description: what you look like please when you write it in a complete paragraph.

Your Personal Quincy Uniform: When you have it on you can have it look like anything it’s your uniform

Personal History: write all about your past till this point. In again Complete Paragraphs.

*What is suggested first type it on a word doc before posting it. Therefore if your browser crashes you won’t lose all your hard effort. Personal Experience.


Quincy are spiritually aware humans able to absorb and manipulate Reiryoku into weapons. Unlike the Shinigami who use a sword as their primary weapon, the Quincy's weapon of choice is a bow or a crossbow. These are constructed from spiritual particles drawn from their surroundings. This is also unlike the Shinigami, who rely on their own innate spiritual energy. (As a reflection of this, the Quincy have white spirit threads like normal humans, while Shinigami have red spirit threads.) A Quincy bow is summoned using an artifact called a Quincy Cross. The only limit to a Quincy's ability to create and fire arrows is their own stamina and ability to absorb ambient spirit particles. Quincy also have various tools and battle aides that can increase their power or serve as secondary weapons.
So since Quincy’s make Spirit bows, you can make yours and it will have two special abilities. If more they will have to be approved by the staff
Using the Bleach wiki choose 1 Quincy ability that deals with movement and make 2 custom abilities that you can use. Limit them down to they aren’t over whelming. And will be approved by the staff.

using the bleach wiki you can use to choose 3 physical qualitys like enhanced strength and speed

Quincy Bow

Name: What is the name of the Bow it can be in English, German, Japanese I don’t care unless you name it Appropriately.
Your Quincy cross description: What does your Quincy cross look like? But a definite part that should stay is the ring around the center of it. Its what you need to use to shoot the bow.
Bow abilities: The abilities that your bow has. Either when it shoots or the bow its self serves a purpose.

Average Spirit power level: High
Spirit power Cap: High
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Quincy template
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