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 Aura Takashita (Quincy)

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PostSubject: Aura Takashita (Quincy)   Aura Takashita (Quincy) I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 18, 2012 9:39 pm

Name: Aura Takashita
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Physical Description: Aura has black hair that when left down rests a few inches below her shoulders. Though her hair is usually worn up in a ponytail, however it can’t be said she does this in order to keep hair out of her face, as Aura’s bangs are quite long. On the left side of her face they sweep over her eye and her side-bangs reach almost to he base of her neck, however on the right side these are shorter only reaching to her chin. The tips of her bangs are dyed blue.
Aura’s eyes are naturally blue and and usually she is wearing a small amount of black eyeliner and mascara. To complete the look Aura has a Monroe piercing on the right side of her face. Her skin is a good balance of pale and tan and she has a surprisingly good complexion for a teenager (though not without effort put forth). Her figure is athletic and slim with few feminine curves. This can be considered Aura has a surprisingly large appetite, however she has a quick working metabolism and has a very active lifestyle.
Her clothing is normally black, with hints of white, blue or green and commonly she is wearing a tight fitting t-shirt with skinny jeans and boots. Though occasionally she'll wear something bolder with skirts.

Your Personal Quincy Uniform: Staying true to Quincy tradition Aura wears a white uniform with blue accents. The dress portion of her uniform has a high collar and no sleeves, it is very fitting and reaches to mid thigh with a slit on one side. Around her hips are two belts one smaller than the other, they function to hold Aura’s equipment and tech. Underneath this dress she wears white shorts. For footwear she wears white boots that reach just under her knee. She also wears white armlets, these and the dress are both decorated with blue accents.

Personal History: Aura was born the daughter of a young American woman of German descent and a Japanese man. Her unusual name was the result of her mother becoming fascinated with the spiritual world. Of course she grew up knowing all about her heritage as well as being trained in the way of the Quincy. She was always very proud of her heritage, thus her love for the colour blue. It's not to say it came easy to Aura but ever since a young age she was inspired to be a great Quincy and worked for it with all her might. Her father being a former second command of the Quincy was extremely qualified in training her. Aside from training Aura also took martial arts, archery and at her mother's request gymnastics. She grew up in the United States and at the age of 12 they moved to Japan because it benefitted her father to go back. Of course that didn't hinder her progress but she also had to work at becoming fluent in Japanese instead of just knowing a few small words or phrases. Which already being bilingual wasn’t difficult but still a challenge, though her biggest challenge was the different settings and customs than those she was used to in America..
Unfortunately with her father becoming involved in Quincy work more often again he was in the way of danger more as well. One night when Aura was 14 there was a terrible accident and her father was crippled, with no hope of ever walking again. While this meant he was confined to a wheelchair and Aura had to take over his field work, it didn't stop him from contributing to the quinces however. Her father has dedicated most of his life to developing new Quincy technology, especially in the field of purifying souls. Due to his accident most of his time not at work is now dedicated to his research. In turn Aura officially joined the Quincy proving herself to be more than formidable despite seeming too young for her to be so skilled.
When she entered high school Aura already had a reputation as a cool mannered teen with a bit of attitude from middle school. Though she took the opportunity to join the schools archery team and soon became captain with her deadly aim. Though just as she does with classes Aura often takes liberty to only show up when she feels like it. It's been speculated the only reason she hasn't been kicked out of school is her father’s connections and her success on the archery team and fairly decent grades She's weakest in the science department followed by math, though she maintains average grade, except for in the athletic department where she excels.. Her reputation earned her a small fan club in her first year but now currently in her final year of high school her fan base has grown. Aura doesn't bother much with her fans, but that doesn't seem to hinder their enthusiasm.
Though Aura gives the appearance of a rebellious teen and has the reputation of one 75% of the time she's skipping or something of the sorts these days it's to attend to Quincy duties she's taken on and to aid her father in his endeavours.
Aura doesn't really hate any particular race but on a surface level most speculate she doesn't care about much at all. Which isn't really true, she's not exactly a warm person but she isn't uncaring. Aura has plenty of Quincy pride but doesn't turn her back on other species as inferior. Though if somebody messes with the Quincy or her family, she will not be a friendly person at all. She's a fairly sarcastic person with a sense of humour. For her she will only work hard on things if she feels they are worth while, like Quincy duties.


Traditional Techniques:
Hirenkyaku- Master
Ransotengai- A technique she is considerably skilled at but is only just reached Expert level, unable to reach mastery.

Custom Techniques:
To be revealed

Physical Qualities:
Enhanced speed and reflexes- Aura is an individual who is extremely quick on her feet, above what would be considered average as well as really quick to react.
Master Gymnast and Martial artist- Since a young age Aura has been trained as a gymnast and martial artist and took what she learned in those fields to help advance her skills in the field work of a Quincy even further.
Durability- Aura is very durable and able to carry on through a battle even when severely injured until her body can no longer handle it and collapses, though this could be dragged out even longer with her knowledge of Ransotengai.

Equipment and Technology:
Seele Schneider- Aura keeps around three to five slipped into her belt at a time.
Ginto- Aura keeps a fair amount of Ginto due to their uses and advantage with the Seele Scheider.
Ginto Bullets and Gun- The majority of her Ginto is in a new special cap that serves as a bullet though it can explode upon impact with it’s target (Feuer) or it’s second main use is to concentrate the reiryoku inside to be able to damage strong defenses,such as penetrating hierro, (Stechen) though this technique is dependent of the reiryoku concentration of the bullet being stronger or even to that of the enemies.

Quincy Bow:

Your Quincy cross description: Aura's Quincy cross comes in the form of a pentacle with another upside down pentacle with it and a ring around the edges of the smaller pentacle. The center is inlaid with a blue gem and There are small engravings in the cross. It is on a long chain wrapped around her wrist.

Bow Appearance:
Bow Abilities:
-Aura has the ability to create a large arrow, size varying on how much she puts into it. The arrow can be released and remain its size or upon command (Trennen) it can split into multiple arrows up to 1200, however the more splits the harder it is to precisely control the exact direction of the arrows, it sacrifices accuracy but not her deadly speed.

Average Spirit power level: High
Spirit power Cap: High
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PostSubject: Re: Aura Takashita (Quincy)   Aura Takashita (Quincy) I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 4:50 am

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Aura Takashita (Quincy)
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