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 Vizard Template

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PostSubject: Vizard Template   Vizard Template I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 29, 2012 11:05 pm

Name: your name duh
Visual Age:
Actual Age:
Gender: M/F
Physical Description: what you look like please when you write it in a complete paragraph.

Your Shihakusho: As a Vizard you have the choice of either keeping your Shihakusho or using your Gigai Clothing instead.

Gigai Clothing: What clothes do you wear while in your Gigai.

Personal History: write all about your past Alive and Death till this point. In again Complete Paragraphs.

*What is suggested first type it on a word doc before posting it. Therefore if your browser crashes you won’t lose all your hard effort. Personal Experience.


As a shinigami/Vizard you have the choice to Choose 3 specialties that will be above or below the average rank of the listed below. You are allowed to choose 1 Expert ability, the other 2 can be Higher or lower to the average rank. You are allowed 2 more Feats that correspond with your Character these will have to be accepted by the staff. You can find feats at the Bleach Wiki and scroll through the character sections or you can make your own any way it still needs to be accepted by the staff either way.

Kido – How well you can use your spirit energy with spells
Zanjutsu – Your Skills in Swordsman ship
Ho-Ho— the use of your Flash Step
Hand to Hand— How well you can Fight Without a weapon
Ability levels

Master-Expert-Above Average-Average/Combatant-Below Average/Practitioner-No ability


Zanpaktou name: What is the name of your Zanpaktou? It is Preferable have it in Japanese use googletranslate if you can’t speak it fluently
Sealed state appearance: What does the sealed state Look like sword List is Below that will be accepted;

Katana—Average Sword
Tachi— A more curved and slightly longer than the katana
Daicho—the katana with a companion Blade
Nodachi— An Anti Calvary sword it is Longer than the katana. The handle is also longer to accommodate the blade length
Kodachi— Too short to be a long sword but to big to be a short sword
Wakizashi— the side arm
Uchigatana— Used for speed, long, and used on horse back
Tanto— The Dagger
Chisakatana— Small katana No companion blade
Shikomi-zue— A Sword cane
If there are any other kind of sword not listed and you have. It will be rejected immediately.

Shikai Release command: what is the Word or sentence you use to Release your Zanpaktou.

Shikai Appearance: This can be anything but be serious and mind full of what it is no in appropriate stuff.

Zanpaktou Type: What is its type: Melee, Ranged, Kido, or is it a sub-type(elements) Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Ect.

Shikai Abilities: Here you list 3 Abilities/Attacks that your zanpaktou is capable of. And after the Ability put a 1 or 3 sentences to describe the ability or attack on how it works.


*This Feat will be allowed to only a Few, Not everybody. But if it is accepted once you reach Captain or have been promoted to Moderator you will be able to use Bankai.

Bankai Name: All this has is an addition to the Name of the zanpaktou. Like Zangetsu-> Tensa Zangetsu. It can be either Before or after the Name and it can be on both sides as well use googletranslate for tips unless you don’t know Japanese.

Bankai appearance: what does your Bankai look like?

Bankai Abilities: With this you put ‘Enhanced’ in front of the ability/attack. And you gain one more ability that is only used in Bankai. And As well Describe them again with the enhancement.
Zanpaktou Spirit

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Shikai): What does the Zanpaktou Spirit initially looks like from the Shikai. It can be anything from a Roaring Fire to a Raging Dragon.

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Bankai): What does the Zanpaktou Spirit Look like when it’s in its Bankai form? Example: Ichigo-Shikai— Zangetsu looks like a Middle-aged man that wears Sunglasses with a Cloak that Flares out at the bottom and sleeves. His Bankai Form Tensa Zangetsu is a Younger Version of Zangetsu Around Ichigo’ s age and wearing a similar Cloak But it has a hood. It can have completely different look from the Shikai but have it related somewhat to the Shikai.

Inner World Appearance: this would be the same in Shikai and Bankai. It can change do to the characters state of mind. It can be any sort of landscape.

Hollow Mask

Hollow mask appearance: First what is the base of the mask then the decorations.

Power Augmentation: What Powers Are affected by the hollow abilities and describe them; in this spot you can add 3 more Feats that will be active when you are using the Mask. Check out the bleach wikia for info on it.

Mask Powers: You have 4 powers that the Mask its self will hold one is your Cero(doom blast) And the other 3 are optional for you to use or you can customize it to your liking

Mask Regeneration: able to restore some damage to the Mask to its Normal state
Hollow Combat: Your combat becomes more instinctive than Practiced. And have similarities to your hollow self.

Increasing Mask Duration: Here you put How long you can sustain your mask. But the Limit is No over 24hours. You start low then when you train you can increase the mask Duration.

Cero: Here you describe what the cero would look like when it is used and how you unleash it. By the way it’s a regular cero just modified where it’s your personal cero.

Spirit Power Average Level: High
Spirit Power Cap: Immence

Read more: [Only admins are allowed to see this link]
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Vizard Template
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