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 Ryuko Zatamaru -- Vizard

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Ryuko Zatamaru

Ryuko Zatamaru

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PostSubject: Ryuko Zatamaru -- Vizard   Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:43 pm

Name: Ryuko Zatamaru
Visual Age: 18
Actual Age: 180
Gender: Male
Physical Description: 6'1 Long blond hair, white, with a slight tan. Slim, skinny, but built with muscle, Silver snake bites on his bottom lip. Blue and green eyes.

Your Shihakusho: A long jet black trench coat, with the sign 復讐 for revenge on the back, no shirt underneath, black slim jeans, and Jet black trench boots.

Gigai Clothing: A black overshirt, a pendant around his neck that he woke up wearing one day, symbolizing revenge 復讐. regular black skinny jeans, and Converse shoes.

Personal History: Ryuko Zatamaru's life began at age 13, waking up in what it seemed as a burnt down village. as he awoke that morning, all he had on was a pendant around his neck that was to be discovered as revenge. not knowing anything, who was, where he came from. he ran, just like a scared child not knowing what had happened. two years later after running around like a homeless child, he was confronted by a group of street thugs. the thugs caught sight of the boy, and started after him, Ryuko ran as fast as his body would let him, but the thugs eventually caught up with him, started beating him, looking for any signs of money, the thugs saw the pendant around Ryuko's neck, one grabbed at the pendant, just as the thug was about to take the pendant away, it started to glow blood red, out of nowhere his arm ripped off and a pool of blood splurted from his shoulder socket. Then a demon figured man rose up behind the thugs , and slaughtered them all. waking up how many days later, not knowing what happened, but what that voice told him to do, he is driven to find it again.


Kido – Average
Zanjutsu – Average
Ho-Ho— Master
Hand to Hand— Expert

Zanpaktou name: Chi Oni
Translation: Blood Demon

Zanpaktou: Becomes a Human like Demon, The more blood spilt, the stronger he gets.

Weapon: Daicho, A regular Katana with a Regular side arm, used for building up blood spilt, when not needed, thats when Ryuko becomes dangerous.

Shikai Release command: "pray to your god that he may let you in"

Shikai Appearance: When all is said, the Daicho (or whatever weapon being used) that he carries morphs into one giant buster blade (from the powers of the pendant that he wears), thin as paper from the front, but stronger then diamond. the last thing people see before they die is the reflection of them self on the blade.

Zanpaktou Type: What is its type: Melee and defensive.

Shikai Abilities: The sword after it is finished morphing into its new state, takes control over your mind, you become one with the blade, along with that capability, its fierceness, and protectiveness over you holds strong. not letting you even get touched by your opponent.


Bankai Name: Kami Oni Chi
Translation: (God of the blood demon)

Bankai appearance: As Ryuko releases his Bankai energy,The pendant that he wears glows blood red, almost like it is bleeding, then his sword starts to form over him almost like a cocoon. second later it shatters and throws the shell out around everywhere cutting through anything that it comes in contact with. Ryuko becomes one with the sword, and turns into a Human crossed with a demon. quick on his feet, And a master at hand to hand. His finger nails, the spikes that grow out of his elbows and head, made of the same material as the sword.

Bankai Abilities: Every move that Ryuko Zatamaru does is enhanced. He is a god of all demons.

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Shikai): A Demon Male, blood dripping from the eyes, 8 feet tall.

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Bankai): Since Ryuko Zatamaru is a human, And the blood demon, well is a demon, the two get formed together to make a cross between him and the Demon.

Hollow mask appearance: A regular white mask, with markings near the eyes that look like blood is dripping from them, then, 3 horns clamped on to and going back towards the back of the head.

Power Augmentation: Enhanced strength, and speed.

Increasing Mask Duration: 23 hours and 59 seconds

Cero: a black shroud comes over. Ryuko Zatamaru turns into the shroud able to move anywhere , used for possessing his opponent until he makes his opponent kill himself, then Ryuko unposses his opponent and turns away his black shroud state.

Spirit Power Average Level: High
Spirit Power Cap: Immence

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Akasaki Kenshi
Akasaki Kenshi

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PostSubject: Re: Ryuko Zatamaru -- Vizard   Wed Oct 24, 2012 7:57 pm

Try limiting your zanpaktou and giving it a few attacks.
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Ryuko Zatamaru -- Vizard
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