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 Yuuto Suzuki

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PostSubject: Yuuto Suzuki   Yuuto Suzuki I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 10:14 pm

Name: Yuuto Suzuki
Visual Age: 25
Actual Age: 167
Gender: Male
Physical Description: A tall man who's lean with white skin, soft white hair that is very short at the back, and gets longer as it moves towards his face to end in long bangs that reach to his chin and hide pretty much his entire face, save for his mouth and bottom of his chin. His hidden eyes are a shockingly light clear blue. He has a beak-like nose and has a tattoo on his lower back that resembles two wings; the left a bat wing, the right an angel wing. He has long legs and is very fast when running without any spiritual aid. He has a single piercing. it is a chin piercing that resembles Klayton's (from Celldweller).

Your Shihakusho: it looks like a regular shinigami outfit, minus the sleeves.

Gigai Clothing: whatever he's given that resembles industrial style clothing.

Personal History: His past is a memory. No more than 3 years ago, he received a hit during one night in a battle with a Hollow that erased all his memories of his past. He was able to remain a shinigami due to his ingrained training and muscle memory, but he had to relearn his zanpakutou's name, abilities, and everything he knew about his squad.

Personality: He's very withdrawn and distant, distressed at not remembering who he had been. He's been told that he'd once been brash, head strong, battle-eager, and flirtatious with anyone. But he's now a recluse and shies away from everyone who may have known him. He's strong because he spends so much time practicing when he's alone, trying to remember who he was.


Kido – High
Zanjutsu – Expert
Ho-Ho— High
Hand to Hand— weak

Ability levels



Zanpaktou name: Gatsu no Shitano Usagi Kane (Rabbit Bell Under the Moon)

Sealed state appearance: Katana

Shikai Release command: "Sing, Gatsu no Shitano Usagi Kane."

Shikai Appearance: his blade takes on the appearance of a white katana, the blade separated from the hilt by circle of metal. The hilt is wrapped in black rabbit fur and bound with thin strips of laced white leather. The ring between the hilt and blade has a chain running through the center. There is another fine chain that drops from the middle of the center chain and holds a single round silver bell at the end. The ring is place to be flat, so that when the sword is pointed at an enemy the bell dangles below. As well, tiny tufts of feathers sprout on either side of both ankles.

Zanpaktou Type: Unknown

Shikai Abilities:

1. The bell creates one single note, that sends out a clear white ring of energy outwards from the bell to cover a radius of about 1 km. Anything in this circle will be momentarily deafened by ringing in their ears after hearing the one soft note. This ringing throws off their balance for the precious minute it lasts for.

2. The feathers on his ankles allow him to jump to great heights from any surface area (rendering him much lighter than before). As he falls, they will stretch out and slow down his fall and allow him to survey the area as he floats to the ground.

3. The bell allows him to see through thick fog, dark nights, or anything else in the air that impedes vision. he closes his eyes and the bell gently rings, forming images in his mind of the area around him (much like echolocation). This only works for him, enabling only Yuuto to see what others cannot.

*This Feat will be allowed to only a Few, Not everybody. But if it is accepted once you reach Captain or have been promoted to Moderator you will be able to use Bankai.

Bankai Name: All this has is an addition to the Name of the zanpaktou. Like Zangetsu-> Tensa Zangetsu. It can be either Before or after the Name and it can be on both sides as well use googletranslate for tips unless you don’t know Japanese.

Bankai appearance: Unknown
Zanpaktou Spirit

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Shikai): His zanpaktou takes the appearance of a large female jack rabbit. its fur is pure white, and it wears a blue satin ribbon around its neck, done up in a large bow at the back, with a large silver bell hanging in the front. It has two large silver hoops at the top of each ear, each hoop with a small bead in the middle. It's eyes are the same shade of blue as Yuuto's. Its voice is very soft and gentle with a bell-like chime to it.
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Bankai): Unknown
Inner World Appearance: His inner world takes the appearance of an endless plane of water, lit by a full moon above. it is always night, and in his deepest moments of despair Yuuto will sink below the waters to shelter in the barren ruins below.

Spirit Power Average Level: High
Spirit Power Cap: High

Is he still a lieutenant of squad 10? o.O
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PostSubject: Re: Yuuto Suzuki   Yuuto Suzuki I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 23, 2012 10:24 pm

XD he will be the lieutenant of Squad 13. And the captain of squad 13 has Ties to Toshiro (who is still alive).
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Yuuto Suzuki
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