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 Yumi Kanto (Quincy)

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PostSubject: Yumi Kanto (Quincy)   Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:12 pm

Name: Yumi Kanto
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Physical Description: A small girl with a cute round face, a rounded nose, and large oval bright green eyes. Her left eye has several flecks of orange in them. Her hair is black and about shoulder length, and she usually has it pulled into two pigtails. She loves to wear frilly dresses on all occasions, and plaid is her favorite pattern. She wears a necklace with a small black cross on it, with a small peridot gem in the center.

Your Personal Quincy Uniform: It looks like a black lolita dress with various frills and ruffles, with plaid stockings and shiny black shoes that are pretty yet practical.

Personal History: Born to a young mother, Yumi grew up without a father in her life. She didn't know that her quincy powers were form her father's side of the family, and was amazed when she met an old woman who understood them. She has been learning how to control and strengthen her quincy powers and aims to use them to protect her mother and new friend. She encountered Shouten by chance when he was hiding from several people who were after him. She had been taken hostage by him but found that she felt safe around him, despite his full blown insanity. She views Shouten as a father figure that she never had.

Yumi is quirky, playful, goofy, and loves to imagine things. She's been able to see spirits as long as she could remember, though hollows always scared her. She's highly imaginative and enjoys coming up with new names for people when she's too lazy to bother remembering their full name. She is often seen hanging around Shouten. While her powers are weak, she has latent strength and resistance that surprises many who encounter her.


She uses a bow (her Quincy cross is the one she wears around her neck all the time), and since her power is still in development she has different abilities, but they remain weak.

-currently learning Hirenkyaku.

-unknown at the moment

-Strong resistance to most incantations, but if used enough times in a row will have an effect on her.
-any other is unknown at the moment

Quincy Bow

Name: Thorn Wolf
Your Quincy cross description: A black cross that is about 3 inches long, and appears to be like an older gothic cross. There is a small peridot gem in the center, with a thin black ring that expands from the center.
Bow abilities: Shoots arrows of bright acid green light that seems to writhe like electricity.

Average Spirit power level: between weak and medium at the moment. it will be high when she is older.
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PostSubject: Re: Yumi Kanto (Quincy)   Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:25 pm

Alright She will be the Second in command of the Quincies. and Highly respected Among them as well.
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Yumi Kanto (Quincy)
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