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 Shouten Teiru (Fullbringer)

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PostSubject: Shouten Teiru (Fullbringer)   Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:11 pm

Name: Shouten Teiru
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Physical Description: He's a tall man, standing about 5' 10". He's thin and lean with muscles that are trimmed. He has almost sickly pale skin with hazel-green eyes that are rimmed with red and have deep sleep pockets under them due to his lack of sleep. He has a long pointed nose and a narrow chin. His hair is a deep russet red that is cut in a buzz cut. He has one industrial piercing in his left ear, as well as; a helix piercing, 3 lobe piercings, and a daith piercing. His right ear only holds 3 helix piercings.
He normally wears cargo pants and hoodies, with arm warmers and chains as well as combat boots. He has a silver torc with raven heads around his neck at all times.

Personal History: Born to a poor, single mother who was abusive to him, Shouten grew up developing mental problems from the abuse. His repressed emotions and trauma surfaced when he was in grade 8, where he lost it after a group of bullies were bugging him during foods class. He grabbed a knife and repeatedly stabbed the bullies, almost killing them. Everyone was scarred by the memory of Shouten standing there, covered in blood, grinning psychotically as he stared at the wounded students.

He was sent to psychiatric care for several years until he was 20, at which point he injured one of the caretakers and escaped. He has been on the run since.

Shouten discovered his Fullbringer abilities by accident, and joined a group of other fullbringers temporarily until he had mastered his powers. His insanity made him an outcast though after it was discovered, and he has since left the group to wander on his own, slaying hollows as he encounters them.

This man is completely psychotic, caring little for anyone and eager to let loose. He's utterly unstable and is just as likely to attack you as he would attack a hollow. He's gifted with reading his opponent's strengths and weaknesses, but he won't always apply that information in a way you'd think. he's skilled at luring you into a trap and for laying one down during a fight. He's got a characteristic laugh that marks when he's at full insanity. He's incredibly dangerous and most are warned to stay away from him. Unpredictable and quite a creeper. He is also known for standing outside doors in the middle of the night, not really there mentally, and for staring at you as he taps walls before turning and disappearing.

Physical Abilities: He can read his opponents strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their movements and techniques, and he's quick and agile on his feet and skilled in parkour.

Name of Fullbring: "Tainted Edge"

Fullbring type: Equipment type

Fullbring Target: Carving knife

Fullbring Description: It is, to be specific, an 8-inch Viking cutlery hollow Edge carving knife. It has a triple rivet handle and the blade is made of high carbon chromium vanadium stainless steel. When he uses his Fullbring, it transforms into a massive sword-like knife that looks the same, only skull designs are etched into the now 5 foot blade. There is often blood trapped in these designs to give them a rusty red color. Despite its size when changed, he can handle it easily with one hand which shows that it must remain fairly light. A long strap (2 feet) of toughened leather is attached by a few chain links to the handle.

Fullbring Abilities: It can slice through whatever he wants it to, though the tougher the material the longer it takes to cut through (ie: it takes longer to slice through cement than it would glass). Blood collects within the etchings and lend for more power and make it cut through things faster. He can spin the blade in a circle (like a helicopter's blades) using the strap, and creates a deadly saw-like attack.

Spirit Power: Greater
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PostSubject: Re: Shouten Teiru (Fullbringer)   Tue Oct 23, 2012 10:27 pm

yep he will be the Fullbringer Leader XDD
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Shouten Teiru (Fullbringer)
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