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 Nigori Niikai Form

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PostSubject: Nigori Niikai Form   Fri Oct 19, 2012 9:53 pm

Nigori Kaze Kumoi
Niikai Name: 卍 Sanjouwokiwameru, Kusaru Kage (present a very terrible (miserable) sight, decaying shadow)

Niikai Appearance: When Nigori activates her Niikai, she becomes one with Kasaru Kage, covering all of her body in this purple slime. When she moves she creates a trail of purple slime behind her. It’s definitely not as “elegant” as some other zanpaktou; the figure of a human can be barely made out, but seems more like a purple hagfish. Nigori can also leave her shell of slime and be in the more human-noid version, with actual skin. In this version she has purple slime hair and is clad in a flowing long purple and black nightgown. She has a hagfish tail, and feet are surrounded by slime, stil dragging slime where ever she goes. Her eyes change to a bright yellow, resembling the eyes of a hollow. In her shell form, Nigori is quite slow.

Niikai description: becoming fear.

Niikai Abilities:
1. Nightmare sleep
2. Freezing scream
3. Shell and blood of slime
4. Fear Hallucinations

Niikai Effects: During Niikai, Nigori loses all her fears, and becomes fear itself. She tosses all kind of unexpected things at people; you never know what she’ll do next. When using her Nightmare sleep ability any those that touch or are touched by the slime, even the slime left in her trail, fall into a deep sleep with nightmares. The slime can burn through fabric, it is similar to lava, and it also does not need blood contact, unlike her shikai. Some kind of body contact is needed to activate this.
If Nigori so chooses she can be the manifest of what you fear most, similar to her Bankai, but with herself. She cannot tell what she is manifesting though.
In Niikai, Nigori has a shell of slime; it hardens around her form and protects her. As new slime continues to always flow down her form on the outside, if a person tries to hit a spot on the slime, like bone, it adds more strength to that area. The form that the shell is protecting is the more humanoid version, which has a blood of slime, making any cuts she receives spew slime, and any cuts easily recovered by simply reconstructing the slime in new ways and forms.
During Niikai, Nigori is frequently emitting a scream, usually when she moves, or before she attacks, these quiet screams within her shell, are not something she willingly does. It is part of the unexpected part of her. If a person hears the scream they freeze for 3-10 seconds, length depending on their spiritual pressure.
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PostSubject: Re: Nigori Niikai Form   Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:15 pm

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Nigori Niikai Form
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