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 Luke Wrath (Shinigami)

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Luke Wrath

Luke Wrath

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PostSubject: Luke Wrath (Shinigami)   Luke Wrath (Shinigami) I_icon_minitimeThu Oct 04, 2012 10:35 am

Name:Luke Wrath
Visual Age:20
Actual Age:485
Physical Description:shaggy light brown hair, slight built, 5'11, broad shoulders, pale red eyes, crooked nose, scar on left cheek conting to a scar across bridge of nose bottom left corner of jaw exposed from a gun shot during life

Your Shihakusho:Regular

Gigai Clothing: leather jacket, denim pants, fedora, white undershirt,black sneakers

Personal History:
Born and raise in London, joins the British army at age 17, fought in American Revolution, promoted to general after the Battle of Bunker Hill, was killed during the Battle of Yorktown.
Right after entering the Soul Society Luke Wrath was able to join the Gotei 13 and quickly rose through the ranks and was able to join squad 1 as the 3rd seat. Remained at that post till the Release of Aizen, who destroyed most of the Gotei 13, while Luke was able to fight and kill at least 3 of the top 5 Arancars with the help of Aksaki. Luke was able to master his bankai during the battle with the 3rd strongest Arancar Tier Harribel, barely survived after unleashing Kasai no Hakai and almost destroys Karakura high school in the human world.
After the battles took place, Luke Wrath was able to become Lueitanant of squad 1. And soon a unknown virus attacked the soul society and low ranked shinigami died from infection and some higher ranked soon hollowfied and where exiled. Captain General Akasaki was soon forced to leave the soul society because of the virus and named Luke Wrath Captain General of the soul society. Luke Wrath soon began to make treaties among some of the groups in the human world to help prevent any more major wars and to prepare in-case the Arrancar threat returned. Luke Wrath was able to attain a treaty with the Vizards and a chance with the humans came up, while the Quinces stayed Away from the envoys sent by Luke.


Kido – Master
Zanjutsu – Master
Ho-Ho— Expert
Hand to Hand—Average

Special Ability: Western Style Gun Training and Combat.


Zanpaktou name:Sutāfureimingu

Sealed state appearance: A Tachi on the left side Hanging on a Sling at the belt. with a voltage blue wrap on the hilt for the guard it is a wavy X with wavier lines in the points on the Guard. And a Wikizashi strapped on his to his uniform facing down with a latch mechanism to hold in place like a hammer of a Old pistol Peacemaker the hilt also had a curve of the handle of a Peacemaker with a Orange Wrap. The Blade of the Wikizashi is wider to hold a pistol like barrel at the top of the blade where it is dull, instead of firing bullets its what he uses to Fire his Kido. How it is done he Places a hand on the Area where the revolver sits and do the incantation it glows a redish orange is fire and now has Six Kido Ammunition slots, but if he does a Kōjutsu Eishō = No incantation He only has 3 shots.

Shikai Release command: Burn

Shikai Appearance:
The tachi blade has black flames flowing around it, it can be used as a single sword style or combined with the modified Wikizashi and combine into a kido rifle. It represents a Lever action pistol with 12 kido ammunition slots and can do 6 no incantations.

Zanpaktou Type:Melee, fire

Shikai Abilities:

Flame strike, sets any flammable object on fire after contact

Flame Shield, creates a barrier of fire 5 foot radius around the user on command for 5 minutes, can only be used once every 20 minutes

Sutā kasai, aims the kido pistol into the sky and fires all six shots into the sky forming a circle with a radius of 10 feet around himself. After all six shots have entered the clouds above, a bright ring connects each shot once the ring has been formed, fire rains down from the sky causing anything it touches to burn on contact


Bankai Name:Sutā gekihen fureimingu

Bankai appearance: the tachi sword is slightly connected to the arm of its user, the flames around itoverflow and causes the reach of the blade to be twice it's length and 2/3 of its width, it can be combined with the Wikizashi and form a kido rifle that represents a Henry rifle. The kido rifle gains 24 slots of Kido Ammunition. And 12 no incantaions.

Bankai Abilities:

Exploding Flame strike, causes anything flammable that is striked to explode after 1 minute of initial contact

Unbreakable Flame Shield, creates a shield of fire actually on the person around the user for 5 minutes after command, can only be used every 30 minutes, it collects the energy of an enemy attack to help protect the user, can only absorb half a cero unleashed by either a Vizard or an Espada and prevent damage to close to about half the normal damage

Sutā kasai no hakai (Star fire destruction0, Uses the kido rifle to shoot all six shots into the air forming a circle of 10 feet around, when the ring connects in the sky, the fire falls down and when it touches objects, it begins to incinerate the object and within 5 seconds of initial contact, the fire will explode sending more flames to spread even outside the circle, these flames will last for 2 minutes

Bankai special Abilites:

• Enhanced speed
• Enhanced strength,
• Enhanced durability
• Extended duration

Zanpaktou Spirit

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Shikai): A man covered in chains. And Though the Chains He spouts out fire from his body.

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Bankai):Black Flamed Beast, shape of some thing similar to a wolf. Its eyes glow like the burning embers left in a campfire. It leaves small traces of its flame on the ground where ever it was walking. And its tail swirls and dances like a black fire slowed down where it seems it is in slow mo but speeds up when it moves its tail.

Your recommended Spirit Power Level: Immense
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Luke Wrath (Shinigami)
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