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 Nigori Kaze Kumoi (shinigami)

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PostSubject: Nigori Kaze Kumoi (shinigami)   Nigori Kaze Kumoi (shinigami) I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 03, 2012 12:05 am

Name: Nigori Kaze Kumoi [Meaning, Unclear breeze of sky]
Visual Age: 16
Actual Age:170
Gender: Female
Physical Description:
Nigori has long black hair, curling at the ends. Her hair reaches to the end of her spine. A bang comes in front of her right eye, covering it from view. She tends to not really mind her hair that much, usually coming to her squad with it wet in the morning. She doesn’t care what people think of her, so she tends to not tend to her hair, but does the basic essentials of combing it once a day.

Nigori’s eyes are a dark shade of green, similar to a blade of grass. Though she doesn’t show her other eye, there is nothing particularly different about it. Sometimes her eyes can be mistaken for a shade of hazel instead.

Her height is 5’4; she has a small frame, and has a moderate bust. Her muscles in her arms give her a small strength, she is ‘fit’. Despite her occasional clumsiness, her legs are more in shape then her arms; she would rather kick someone then punch them.

Her skin is relatively pale due to her nature of staying inside and hate of the sunlight. She easily bruises and due to her history, has the occasional cut on her. A notable one would be on the back of her head from the final breakthrough of her zanpaktou.

She keeps a wing-like clip on the side of her face to keep her bangs out of one of her eyes. She seems to always be wearing a wave-like ring on her right hand, along with a clock with wings necklace, which she hides beneath her Shihakusho and scarf.

Your Shihakusho: Original style with an added light yellow scarf she wraps around her neck which has a small white ball of fluff at each end.

Gigai Clothing: While in her Gigai, Nigori will only wear clothes that are comfortable. Cotton is one of her favorite fabrics, thus this resorts in dress and leggings made of cotton. Though she does add a raggedy look to them or a Frankenstein like look by stitching different colored patches together to create her dress. Her usual outfit while in the world of the living is a green, white, and light blue patchy dress with long sleeves, and a vertically striped long skirt that is blue and green to match it. Underneath this she wears black leggings and a pair of fluffy black Ugg boots. Nigori loves to wear scarves, and with so she wears a green fluffy scarf to match this outfit. When things get chilly, she brings out her rainbow patch jacket that is similar to the pattern of a lab coat, but combines patches of all different colors. Nigori does not like to expose herself, and thus covers most of her skin.

Personal History:
Nigori’s living life experience was nothing special. The usual life with the usual ambitions of a teenager. She thought she could change the world, but the world was a jerk back, she realized people weren’t like she thought they were and were jerks. When she spent years on this an idea of hers that she thought could push society forward, and one day her friends just took the idea for themselves and tried developing it more, but couldn’t. She started to dodge people and hate the average person. Nigori didn’t care much for her family and seemed to detach from them at this point.

She decided at that point she would be different. She wore clothes that were different than most people, much like what she now wears with her gigai. It was at this point that she started to have distaste for jeans. She didn’t care what people thought of her, and just did what she liked. When people showed up, she hid whom she was, she might have said she would do what she liked, but she hated people, and made herself take on a fake personality. Never showing who she really was to anyone. But also at this point she hid her eyes with her bangs, never looking anyone in the eye.

Nigori’s family wasn’t in bad shape, but they weren’t the best either. There came a point where her parents had to borrow money from some ‘shady people’ but she didn’t think much of it. One day, when she came home from school, she found her parents weren’t paying back the people and had sent the mob to their house. When she entered the house, each of her parents had a gun to their head and her father was searching through his bag. As a mob member raised a gun towards her direction, she instantly turned and ran out the door out of fear. This moment was when she developed a small fear of guns. As she ran away from her home she kept looking back behind her to see if she was being followed. A man was following her, with a knife, and as he was gaining speed, she kept looking back at the man to see how much closer he had gotten each second. The came a point where she was bumping into all kind of walls, and a point where she didn’t look before crossing the road and tripped, landing her right in the middle of traffic. Her green eyes grew wide like a deer, headlights beamed towards her, as a horn honked long and continuously. It was at this point where Nigori developed a very strong fear of cars.

After Nigori’s dreadful death, she arrived at the soul society, in the 74th District of Rukongai. She doesn’t fully remember her living life, but she gets hints of it here and there. She pondered where she had arrived and asked around. The drunk people of the 74th District weren’t the best people to ask, and resulting in an angry chase scene. The chase was long and hard until a student who was running late to the shinigami academy saw her chase and told her to follow him. And so she did, she followed this boy, jumped the fence and hid inside the building til the drunks went back. She asked the boy where she was, and he nicely explained everything about the soul society to her. She had nowhere to go, and lived on the streets meeting this boy, whom she learned his name was Meiyoen. When they started meeting each other each morning right on the dot of 7 AM, Meiyoen gave her a clock with wings necklace, “So I can see your face right on time!” She decided then she would follow Meiyoen on his path to become a shinigami. And so she started to attend the academy. As she started attending the academy, Meiyoen graduated and was put into one of the squads, leaving her alone in the academy. They would stil see each other in the morning at 7 AM.

Nigori became lonely at the academy, having no one to talk to while there, but stil hesitant about people. There came a time when a person named Reika was determined to make friends with Nigori because she was so quiet and mysterious. Nigori was a bit stubborn but appreciated the company. The two began to become friends. This was the point where Meiyoen told Nigori that he had to go on a long mission in the living world but that he promised he would be back, and so he wouldn’t break his promise, he gave her a wave-like ring “The waves will bring us back together, don’t you worry, I promise”. When Meiyoen left, Nigori put all her energy into graduating the academy as soon as possible. And with her friend Reika’s help, she was able to graduate in 5 years.

During one of their study sessions, Reika clipped a wing like clip in Nigori’s hair to keep her hair out of one of her eye’s “You’ll be able to study better if you can see better”. Though her flashstep is ok at times, she stil trips here and there, she only got good enough to barely pass. Due to her friend Reika, Nigori started opening up herself to people. Though there came the problem that Nigori’s zanpaktou stil had never talked to her or ever shown itself to her.

When Nigori was finally put into a squad, she had finally decided that when given the opportunity, she would go to find Meiyoen and support him. But fitting in with the squads was hard; most of the other members had already developed their zanpaktou. Nigori’s talent in Kido, Zanjutsu, and hand-to-hand combat couldn’t live up to the abilities of zanpaktou and she felt weak.

Her friend Reika saw her troubles, and started doing experiments to help bring out Nigori’s zanpaktou. Though constant months of testing and experiments, Nigori grew tired of the constant experiments but stil went forward with them due to her friend’s determination. Lots of cuts and bruises can be found on her from over experimenting from this. Due to the weird test and low budget of this the cuts had a weird mutation of never going away. She often covered them with bandages for healing kido has no effect on them.

Finally there was a breakthrough, an accident, and a secret. The breakthrough, Reika had gotten Nigori a zanpaktou. The accident, Reika had become Nigori’s zanpaktou. The secret, Reika was actually hiding that she was a Vizard. This results in Nigori being able to hear Reika’s inner hollow, but nothing else, she doesn’t even know what she’s hearing; Reika never explained it to her. Nigori can be found talking to her zanpaktou or her zanpaktou’s inner hollow out loud often.

Now this wasn’t what Nigori had in mind at all, she thought it would be simple if she just got her zanpaktou to talk to her. But with this predicament, Nigori felt afraid and that she had ruined her friend’s future. She stil has guilt from this. But her friend took on the name of Kusaru Kage. Though her zanpaktou sometimes says to her “You’re probably ashamed to have a zanpaktou like me” or “I’m probably the ugliest zanpaktou”, and this increases Nigori’s guilt, Nigori takes great pride in her zanpaktou, defending all the bad things people say about it. The two trained hard to get Nigori up to base with the other shinigami in her squad’s shikais. Nigori can stil be clumsy with the claws and accidently cut herself, but she has mastered her zanpaktou’s shikai.

With this accomplishment, and permission from her captain, Nigori headed off to follow after Meiyoen. But when she arrived to her destination, she found dead bodies. She searched the area for survivors and found a cave not to far from the camp, as she entered the cave a dreaded aura fell over her. She swiftly turned back to be faced with a hollow version of Meiyoen. Fearing what she saw Nigori dropped her sword stepped back and screamed. The hollow Meiyoen said, “This man was the strongest of the pack and I must say I'm starving from my formation!” as he licked his lips and creeped up closer to Nigori. Through mentally talking, Kusaru Kage told her to call her Bankai call. Nigori shook her head. But Kusaru Kage told her again, this time saying that she needed to “Even hollows have fear!” And so shaking Nigori spoke “tsurekomu honma, Kusaru Kage!” Nigori’s dropped sword poofed into her Bankai spirit manifestation. Nigori saw her old friend Reika all messed up with that dreaded goopy slime creep towards her, like she was asking why she did this to her, and the guilt grew and grew inside her as she also backed away from her zanpaktou. But in reality Kusaru Kage was approaching Nigori to pick her up and take her out of there. Right before hollow Meiyoen leaped at Nigori to bite her, Kusaru Kage grabbed Nigori and flash stepped out of the orb that held the three. Hollow Meiyoen would be stuck there til the Bankai was undone, giving them enough time to get away. Nigori began to sob into Kusaru Kage’s chest, mumbling ”I’m sorry” all the way home, til her eyes wouldn’t produce tears and until she fell asleep in the bed that Kusaru Kage laid her in. It was at this point that Nigori told herself she wouldn’t use Bankai again, the fear and guilt it created was too hard for her.

After this event, she waits patiently looking outside a window everyday at 7 AM, always wears her wing clip, wing clock necklace, and wave-like ring. She continues with her squad duties and keeps quiet until she feel trust worthy of a person, then she opens up and cracks jokes, becomes silly, sarcastic, and loving. Nigori is slightly lazy, but works hard when she needs to.


Kido – Expert
Zanjutsu – Above Average
Ho-Ho— Below Average
Hand to Hand— Above Average


Zanpaktou name: Kusaru Kage (Decaying shadow)
Sealed state appearance: Katana with a purple hilt, and hilt has a bubbly look.

Shikai Release command: Pollute their dreams

Shikai Appearance: When in Shikai, Nigori’s zanpaktou transforms to a purple slime and covers her hands, creating a claw on both hands which has a yellow eye on the back of the hand. The claw only extends her reach by a few inches and each claw is connected to the other at the wrist by a beaten chain. The claws reach up to half of her elbow.

Zanpaktou Type: Poison

Shikai Abilities: Nigori will use her zanpuktou’s shikai in 3 ways.
1) Claw the opponent. If the opponent is hit the victim will have a poison of some kind running through them from the cut. The poison makes the person see their worse fears, or nightmares. While this is occurring in the victim’s eyes, the victim’s actions with the hallucinations are stil emulated physically (i.e. If the person swings at their fear with a sword they would be hitting someone in reality. These hallucinations may also result in a something comforting and then have it taken away) Nigori is stil susceptible to the poison herself. The poison has a long lasting effect but eventually wares off, and wares off quicker when Nigori seals her zanpaktou
2) Remove one of the claws and use it like a lasso or a longer-range weapon. The using of this ability, Nigori loses most of the effects of her first ability, but the victim will only see light hallucinations, faking out seeing something they shouldn’t here and there. The poison will never take full affect if cut in this way. Also when she does this ability she can shoot a chain that has a point at the end out of her palm.
3) Claw/cut the chain of connecting claws. Though she receives a third degree burn with whatever she chooses to cut the chain from doing this, and also loses most of her defense, this causes her to boost her speed. This also causes her not to feel pain… for a short amount of time. Until the chains morph back together. Usually afterwards Nigori suffers exhaustion, and cannot use this ability for quite awhile, as the cut part of the chains are melded together with becomes a orange red color, like when you meld a sword together.

Bankai Name: tsurekomu honma, Kusaru Kage (Bring truth/reality decaying shadow)

Bankai appearance: When Nigori Activates Bankai, one of her claws from shikai melts into slime and becomes her zanpaktou spirit. Her spirit manifests itself into whoever sees it, as what they fear most; Kusaru Kage is no hallucination either. When Bankai is activated Nigori is left with one claw from shikai and the original chain is left hanging from the wrist.

Bankai Abilities: During Bankai, all shikai effects stop, the Hallucinations of fear are instantly (with no cutting) enhanced into reality and manifested to Nigori’s zanpaktou spirit. Also when activated the area is closed off into a large orb. The environment is changed into the place that the person Nigori’s zanpaktou spirit sets eyes on first fears most. The environment becomes reality and all those within the trapped area are within this one environment. The enviroment created seems to last forever and have no end. The effects of her Bankai also affect Nigori and see’s her zanpaktou spirit as her worst fear. During Bankai Reika’s inner hollow may go out and reek havoc. And this may be a bit out of control.

Zanpaktou Spirit

Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance (Shikai): During Shikai, Nigori’s zanpaktou spirit looks like a hagfish lamprey hybrid that drips and leaves a trail of purple slime wherever it goes. Her spirit can change its size depending on how it feels like.
Zanpaktou Spirit Appearance(Bankai): In Bankai, Nigori’s zanpaktou spirit looks like a human-noid version, with slimey, purple goopey hair that goes to the shoulder. Her spirit is clad in a purple and black, long sleeved nightgown that is very flowing. Her spirit has a hagfish tail, and feet are surrounded by slime, stil dragging slime where ever she goes. Her spirit has bright yellow eyes resembling the eyes of a hollow.

Inner World Appearance: Nigori’s inner world resembles a cave and all the walls seem to be covered in this purple slime; it seems to be always dripping here and there. No matter how deep you try to go into the cave it seems to never end.
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Whoops i thought i accepted it s while ago |D. Welp its accepted. And Dont forget to look at the plot we changed a few things.
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