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 Site Background and Plot Line

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PostSubject: Site Background and Plot Line   Fri Sep 28, 2012 12:28 am

This takes place 100 years in the future after the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki. Times have changed indeed, the shinigami have gone through a hard time when the Arrancars returned 50 years after Aizen’s imprisonment and their leader at the time Killcrow Vuelo Muerte led a charge against the Shinigami, brutally killing over half of the Soul Society’s population and causing the Captain Commander Isshin Kurosaki and most of the Captains and lieutenants of the Court Guard Squads to their death. Rising from the ashes of the attack, Akasaki Kenshi became the new Captain Commander. He had made plans to rebuild the Soul Society, only soon finding out that Aizen would be coming again and using the Soul Society to use the Oken he made from sacrificing pluses Hollows dragged into Hueco Mundo. The only place where Aizen can use the Oken is the main Senkaimon gate in the Soul Society. Aizen made a Diversion plan to have his Arrancar Army attack the human world leaving the Soul Society open for attack. The new Captain Commander, his lieutenant Luke Wrath, and two Captains ,Toshiro and Resu Hitsugaya, and a Third Seat of Squad 10 Hayate Hitsugaya rose to Face Aizen themselves.

Akasaki made calculations on how the fight will last with their current strength. They would lose if they didn’t have an edge, something to turn the tide in their favor. And his only thought was Hollowification. He volunteered himself to undergo the transformation. Knowing the risk of it being unstable he Vowed when the battle was over he would resign his position as Captain Commander and give it to his lieutenant Luke. Where Akasaki will banish himself to the real world and stay there for the remainder of his days.

Aizen soon arrived to the Soul society and the attack on the Human world began. The arrancars attacked every country in the world, spreading the shinigami thin. Aizen also began the attack on the soul society. The Team there held a good fight but Akasaki was late, perfecting his Hollowification. He arrived soon after Aizen wearing down the team of Shinigami meant to fight him. Resu and Toshiro where drastically fatigued even with their bankai active it wore them down greatly. Hayate was struggling but still able to fight. Akasaki told Hayate to take Resu and Toshiro out of here and for Luke to go with him to help him take them somewhere safe. While Akasaki fought Aizen alone.

Towards the Climax of the fight between Aizen and Akasaki, Akasaki reveals his hollow mask. And it started to give them the upper hand in the battle. Soon Aizen reveals he was holding back and turned the tables again on them all. Doing heavily Damage to Akasaki after his mask breaking several times, he tries to summon it again. With the mask not forming Akasaki forces to summon his mask, and drastically raising his spiritual pressure to great heights. And Suddenly his body became Covered what seemed like Black Flames. He soon came out of the black flames in what seemed to be his bankai but covered in chains. The terrain around him flattened round him, creating a flat Plane. And The final phase of the fight began. Aizen feeling this power similar to Ichigo Kurosaki’s when he last fought him, but this seemed more stable than Ichigo’s. And finally Aizen was Defeated, His body turned to dust and faded away not being a problem to them all anymore.

Once the shinigami in the world of the living defeated and killed the Arrancar leader Killcrow Vuelo Muerte, the remaining Arrancars left lead by a more peaceful one named (Arrancar Leader). After the battle, Akasaki Kenshi followed through with his promise and banished himself from the Soul Society for resorting to the means of Hollowification, decreed by the Central 46 and chose Luke Wrath, Lieutenant to Akasaki Kenshi to be the new head captain. And before Akasaki left for good he left Luke the Knowledge of the new zanpaktou technique called, “Niikai.”

The Quincies and Full Bringers however, started their own war. The Quincies believing that the Full Bringers were just shinigami in disguised which lead to small fights around the world and soon all-out war. By the end of it both leaders were killed and the Vizards themselves decided to intervene since the shinigami were still recovering from the Second Shinigami-Arrancar War twenty years ago. By this time, the Vizards had a new leader, Akasaki Kenshi and the captains The Vizards took it upon themselves to create a pact between the Full Bringers and Quincies to quell the war. Soon new leaders came into power for the Full Bringers and Quincy, both chosen by Akasaki Kenshi to keep the peace Shouten Teiru for the Full Bringers and (Current) for the Quincy.

Now tensions have been brewing between the Quincies, Full Bringers and Arrancar with small pockets of the Arrancar beginning to become more aggressive in their trips into the human world. Both Quincies and Full Bringers have fallen victim to the Arrancars. Akasaki Kenshi knew that in seeing this, realized that the Quincy and Full Bringers are starting to doubt Luke Wrath’s ability to keep peace between the Arrancar and the rest of the Worlds. He went as fast as he could into Soul Society to speak to Luke and convince him that the Shinigami and Vizards need to become one group again. Giving the Vizards their own Squad, with him as Captain, so that when war comes, the Shinigami and Vizards are ready for the fighting from both sides to try and bring peace back to the 3 Worlds.
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Site Background and Plot Line
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